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Verdicts & Settlements

$3.8 Million Settlement for Victims of Motorcycle Accident
When an auto dealer’s insurance company refused to provide coverage to a customer…
$2.1 Million Recover for a Trash Truck Accident Case
Our firm obtained $2.1 Million for the victim of a garbage truck accident…

Faerber & Anderson, P.C.

Your Personal Injury Law Firm

Aggressive, Experienced Trial Attorneys in St. Louis

At Faerber & Anderson, P.C., in St. Louis, Missouri, our lawyers take on cases that other attorneys turn away, and we do our best to win. When you choose our firm, you will work with experienced trial advocates who know their way around even the most complex personal injury cases.

Stamina That is Inspired By Our Clients

In our line of work, we have daily opportunities to be inspired and humbled by clients who are nothing less than courageous. We have learned valuable lessons from individuals who have endured numerous surgeries, had limbs amputated, been in a coma and even lost loved ones to senseless accidents. One of those lessons is the importance of stamina. How can you not be inspired to persevere when you have seen others face such remarkable challenges head-on?

When we take a personal injury case, we do it with a clear understanding of how much is at stake for our clients. We do not wear down easily and are committed to fighting diligently and relentlessly for them. Whether in the investigation process or at trial, our law firm leaves no stone unturned. In one case, we found a single fact buried in a 400-page medical file that gave us the leverage we needed to win. Our clients have taught us that tenacity and grit pay off.

Experience and Results That Inspire Our Clients

Most of our business comes to us from word of mouth. Clients choose us because they know our reputation for fighting hard and getting results. Even when they feel that they are in hopeless situations, they have a sense of confidence that we will be able to get them the results they need.

“When I wanted to give up, you gave me hope. Thank you and your staff.”
– Kathleen
Car Accident Victim

With over 55 years of combined experience, our team of lawyers understands what it takes to build an effective personal injury case. We aggressively pursue full and just compensation on behalf of our clients and, over the course of our practice, we have earned over $40 million in financial compensation for our clients. Clients know that they can trust us to do everything in our power to win their case.

Committed to Quality

If you have been injured at work or in an accident and want personal attention from a team of experienced and well-respected personal injury attorneys, contact our office to arrange a free consultation. We do not get paid unless you obtain a settlement or judgment. Do not leave your case to chance. You cannot afford to battle the big insurance companies and corporations on your own.



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