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Product Liability

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Proven Products Liability attorneys in St. louis, missouri

At Faerber & Anderson, P.C., our attorneys have obtained numerous victories for workers and individuals seriously hurt by unsafe and defective products, including electrical power lines, airport tow trucks, printing presses, conveyor belt systems, cranes, elevators, chairs, medical devices and blood products.

With over 55 years of combined experience, our team of lawyers understands what it takes to build an effective products liability case. We aggressively pursue full and just compensation on behalf of our clients against manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, distributors and sellers. Over the course of our practice, we have earned over $40 million in financial compensation for our clients.

If you live in or near St. Louis, Missouri, and need representation you can trust in a product liability case, contact our office. We are also licensed to serve individuals in Illinois and Arkansas.

Notable Case: $1.4 Million Products Liability Case:

Our firm was able to recover $1.4 million for the family of a local six-year-old girl who suffocated in a defective hospital bed. The FDA eventually recalled this bed system, which was used widely in most hospitals and caused the deaths of several other children. View other verdicts and settlements we have won for our clients.

what is products liability?

Products liability cases involve injuries caused by products that are not safe when used in a reasonable manner. Injuries can occur if a product does not have proper safety features or warnings, if a product is poorly designed, or if the product is defective because something went wrong during the manufacturing process.

We have represented clients in products liability cases such as:

  • A riding lawnmower without a proper safety guard that resulted in a severed limb
  • An aluminum stepladder that collapsed and caused back injuries
  • An office chair that broke at the bottom welds and caused injuries that resulted in knee replacement

keep the product that caused your injury

You might be tempted to return a dangerous product to the manufacturer or retailer. However, it is important to hold on to the product, as it is often the only evidence you have in your claim that it was indeed defective.

In addition, save or gather any information related to the product or manufacturer, including sales receipts, instructions, packaging, manuals, accessories and information about the make and model. If the product cannot be moved or you do not own it, take pictures of the defect, tags, stickers, decals, VIN numbers or any identifying information you can find.