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Premises Liability

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experienced premises liability attorneys in st. louis, missouri

Faerber & Anderson, P.C., has handled numerous cases involving injuries caused by dangerous conditions on someone’s property and injuries resulting from acts of negligence that occurred in a place of business.

Some examples of the clients we have helped include clients who had a slip and fall accident because of a wet floor, who tripped over equipment that was left in a walkway, who were hit by a forklift, and who were hit by a heavy item that was improperly shelved. If you have been injured while on private property — in a store, restaurant or apartment building, for example — trust the premises liability lawyers at our firm to answer your questions and seek appropriate compensation.

For over 40 years, our firm has been representing personal injury clients from our St. Louis, Missouri, office. We are also available to serve individuals in Illinois and Arkansas.

Notable Case: $1 Million Premises Liability Case:

Our firm was able to recover $1 million for a store patron who was knocked to the ground by a delivery person who was pushing a dolly stacked high with soda. View other verdicts and settlements we have won for our clients.

what should i do if i was injured on private property?

Personal injury cases often involve complex laws, and each case has a time limit within which you must file a lawsuit, or you will not be able to recover anything. It is also important to act quickly so that evidence and facts related to your case can be gathered while they are still fresh.

We advise you to take the following actions if you were injured on private property:

  • Report your accident. The property owner should file an accident report with the insurance company. Request a copy of this document.
  • Seek medical treatment. A doctor should identify, diagnose and treat your injuries. Keep a copy of any reports or medical records.
  • Gather evidence. Photograph your injuries and the scene of the accident. Get the names and numbers of any eyewitnesses.
  • Save your clothing. Clothes and shoes can contain residual evidence.
  • Contact our attorneys. Talk to us before signing any documents, making any recorded statements (written or taped), or even speaking with property owners, their employees or insurance claims representatives.