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Doctors, nurses, hospitals and other health care providers have a duty to act with reasonable care when they provide you with medical treatment. When their conduct falls below the standard of care and additional damages or injuries result, you may have a case for medical malpractice.

Our law firm has successfully handled numerous, complicated medical malpractice cases that other firms were unwilling to tackle. We have taken on some of the largest area hospitals and a national blood bank, wading through huge medical charts and thousands of pages of documents to find the “smoking gun” necessary to win the case.

Notable Case: $875,000 Settlement Against Blood Bank – HIV-Infected Blood:

Though the statute of limitations had long expired by the time our client found out she had AIDS as a result of an HIV-infected blood transfusion, our attorneys squared off against the blood bank’s team of 10 nationally preeminent experts to prove the blood bank was negligent in failing to notify our client that she may have been infected after the blood bank learned that the donor had died.

statutes of limitation

All cases have a limited time within which a lawsuit must be filed or you will lose the right to file a lawsuit altogether. Medical malpractice cases can have especially strict deadlines to file a lawsuit. Some exceptions to extend the time might include when a foreign object is left in your body following surgery, when you continue to receive medical treatment from the same health care provider, or when the health care provider tries to cover up its negligence.