What to Do After Sustaining a Head Injury
What to Do After Sustaining a Head Injury
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What to Do After Sustaining a Head Injury

Part of the problem is that you may not realize that you are impaired. It is always a good idea to seek a medical opinion after a car accident, especially one involving a blow to the head or serious jarring forces. Do not ignore the observations of your friends and family when deciding whether to seek a medical opinion.

Seek medical treatment immediately. Get in touch with a head injury specialist. It is unwise to wait to seek medical treatment. The other party’s lawyers may claim that the injury was not accident-related and the statute of limitations may run out.

Gather evidence. Get contact information from eyewitnesses or ask a friend to help. Talk to your doctors, nurses, and support staff about obtaining copies of medical records.

Avoid answering questions. Do not give a recorded statement. Insurance adjusters are prepared to offer you a settlement that is much less than you deserve. Speak to an attorney before you provide information or accept such an offer.

Keep a journal. Record the dates and types of treatments you receive, and any symptoms that you experience on any given day.

Document everything. The more proof you have of medical expenses and lost wages, the more likely you are to earn compensation for these expenses and opportunity costs.

Do not drive or operate machinery. Even if you feel you have to work, you should not endanger your welfare or the welfare of others.