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What are the Rehabilitation Resources Available to Me After Amputation?

A young, male railroad client who lost both his legs above the knee in a tragic accident ended up providing inspiration and motivation to the attorneys of Faerber & Anderson to try and help every amputee client obtain the same level of functioning. After attending the Institute for Rehabilitation and Research in Texas, or “TIRR”, the amputee snow skis, rides a bike, and scales mountains.

Some of the local resources available to those who have been the victim of an amputation are good. However, some of the work that is being done nationwide is truly amazing, including the use of bionic prosthetic devices, robotic assistance in walking and computer games to help the rehabilitation process.

If you have been the victim of an accident involving amputation, contact the attorneys of Faerber & Anderson, P.C. for more information as to what resources are available to you.